Smart Forex Expert (SFE) Signal

####Please Note:

  • If you use a platform other than IC Markets MT5, you will need to do Symbol Mapping in the Trade Copier setting in order to copy US Stock CFD trades.

    • This is because symbols for US Stock CFDs are different across different brokers

    • If you are using IC Markets MT5, you will also need to activate US Stock CFDs on IC Markets MT5 by sending an email to to request it.

    • If you choose to copy with a broker that doesn't offer US Stock CFDs, then you simply will only get Forex / Gold / Bitcoin trades.

  • Also, for Fusion Markets users:

    • Please set up symbol mapping as per the chart here

####Risk Warning:

  • With the High Risk account we expect the max drawdown (DD) can go up to 50-60%, but at the same time the yearly gain should be well over 100-200%. People who are more adventurous can use this risk setting, however we don't recommend it for people who are not prepared for a 50% DD.

  • You can also adjust the risk multiplier to a risk level you prefer. For example, when you copy the High Risk master account, you can copy with 0.5x Risk Multiplier for Medium Risk (DD < 30%, annual return 50-100%), or 0.3x Risk Multiplier for Low Risk (DD < 20%, annual return 30-50%)

  • There is no risk of margin call even with the High Risk account, because the max loss on a single trade is capped at 3% - and as the account decreases in size, the trade size will go down as well.

  • Unfortunately, a lot of people will be unable to tolerate a 50% DD psychologically, despite knowing their accounts will eventually recover. Furthermore, abandoning the system while it's in DD is absolutely the worst thing you can do - because you will miss out on all the recovery that will eventually happen! We have seen this many times over the years, and that's exactly why some people complain they can't make profit with the SFE systems - while we have always remained profitable. Please just choose a risk level you can tolerate and stick to it!